About me

ABOUT MY JOURNEY I grew up in a small town with my mom, I went to public school and high school, working on weekends and helping my mom with the house spences.


I started my career as a computer support technician with a government scholarship, after a year, at my 17 years old, I was already being a network teacher (crazy huh?) for people older than me at a technology academy.

EVERYTHING IN MY LIFE GOES FAST Short long story, I started coding at 18, working and studying at the same time, being a software developer at day, and a first-year student of Computational Systems Engineering at night.

TODAY I have +6 years in tech, I've worked as a Backend Developer, Project Manager, FullStack Developer, Scrum Master, Software Lead, you name it. I still have the feeling that I need to transmit my knowledge, and never is enough.